Saturday, September 8, 2018

Cyber Security Check Up Time

Many things have changed in the world. Making sure you know the latest is important to business business Security and your personal overall safety.

Did you know that meeting and event planners have to know and understand many things one of them is cyber security and our security workshop is coming up therefore, I thought I'd share some security tips I've learned.

1. Have one credit card where all your on-line payments are billed to. Don't use that card for anything else. Don't link it to another accounts. This will help you know the minute a one hacks into your account. 

2. Keep passwords in a safe place.

3. Unsure of someone, have to take a Taxi, Uber, Lift and your in a strange town. Photograph the car and Driver and email to a safe person. Most of the time these things are just fine. Incase your safe person has information and will act appreciately. Personal safety.

4. In Business for yourself? Make sure you have the appropriate software in your business location. Have the place inspection for anything that can carode your software or hardware. leaking roof, building electronics, entrance, security.

5. Have a safe place for all your paperwork. The important thing is that you have it backed up. If you have it backed up on memory cards or cd than make sure your computer can still operate the softwares. Otherwise you need a paper version.

That's it for my thoughts. As always personal safety matters. Like, subscribe, tell a friend. Disclaimer on contact page.

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