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Hi there, Reader;

Shopping can be such a difficult thing for woman. I appreciate it when I am dressed with respectable ability.  The same is true when I can write a blog I know will draw attention to the needs of myself  and other woman. I hope you'll take a moment and tell me if you like the new blog or not. Most of the fashion I have written about is event or wedding. Since the invitations to attend fashion shows have stop coming in. I hesitate in writing about fashion I haven't seen. Plus I believe most fashion designers are making their our videos. 

Let me know what you think.

 2017 Wedding Season is Upon Us (Fashion Review)

Hi there, Reader:

It has been a while since I have written a fashion review. I was busy communicating an hour and a half to work, therefore it doesn't leave much time for the things I loved doing the most. I want to start with apologizing to all of you who had invited me to your fashion shows, your big reveals and I wasn't able to attend. It was really a time issue rather than a personal statement about the fashion industry. 

I would like to take a moment and say thank you to all of you who sent emails, cards and letters after the "Celebration of Life" of my son Dustin Kamon. When life takes a child before the parent, it is something that can not be explained, the emotion, sadness, grief one feels. The pieces left are the reality of what is left. Dustin Kamon is always remembered by his loving embarrasses, his laughter, his smile, his love of life and family. He is truly a person who helped me take care of my aging parent and kept me going with a smile on my face when times get difficult.  His encouragement is what keeps me trying to do what I love best.

Now lets talk...Chanel

If you haven't looked at the latest Haute Couture then check this video out. I just wish I was at this fashion show to have seen it. It's amazing.

From the staging to decor to every piece on the line is just perfection. This season pink dress stole the show. 

I have to say I even like his line of shoes this time with the suites as well as the formal wear. Not like other seasons where I would pick it apart. I would say I like this dress and that dress, however Chanel missed it on the shoes. 

Suits: This year the shoes are as famine as the dress. I loved Chanel suites. I think there is no other suite line that can make a woman look professional, conservative and ready for business quite like Chanel. The truth is who can resist? What woman doesn't enjoy feeling her best and Chanel suites can do that for a woman. 

Evening Wear: There are a couple of dresses I didn't care for like the one without the darts in the front, it looked like the girl was wearing a sack of potatoes. Maybe, it was the way the model was caring the dress or the just unflattering fit. Don't really know. What I do know what the dress lost in the front it gained in the back.  I personally thought it was making her look sway back and yet from the back she didn't appear that way. I didn't enjoy looking at the combination of dress and boots. and the dress with Capri pants, both very flattering for a woman. The question is how would it look on a woman size 8?

Formal Wear:  The togs are worth having just to get an invitation to the most elite dinner party one can accept. The formals are beautiful, elegant and worthy of any grand ballroom dance one love might ask one to. What fashion worthy person wouldn't want to wear one of these dresses to the Academy Awards or Golden Globe to name a few. I covet the fact the weddings I plan are as high of standards as these dresses are. Meaning the brides...WOW monument would be stolen my the entrance of the woman would would wear any of these Chanel dresses. Unless the bride herself was wearing a Chanel dress. I did see several of them fitting a bride. I even think there might be a bride or two who would choose the closing dress, pink as a bridal gown. Pretty in Pink she would be. I do know that as usual Chanel season is in full bloom. 

Disclaimer: Please read the disclaimer at the end or contact page of this blog. It is the sole opinion of the writer and not representing the opinion of Chanel. I was not paid by any company to write this post. If you have a thought on what my next post should be about please email me your though.  Thank you. Til next time.


What Is Most Important Accessories for a Formal Event?

I went in search of the answer asked by most woman today. What is the most important accessories to purchase today? This question has been asked of Maria Kamon (c)TM by young ladies attending their first formal event such as prom, brides who where on a budget to woman who know what they want, however don't want to send the money for something they will only wear once.

First, formal events do not have to be once in a life time. You can create a semi formal event when going on a date with your young man or woman. This means formal can be a state of mind and the truth of what you are doing.

Secondly, one needs to know and understand the difference between formal and semi-formal.



  1. done in accordance with rules of convention or etiquette; suitable for or constituting an official or important situation or occasion:


    an evening gown.



  1. an event at which semiformal attire is expected:
    "it had organized its own spring semiformal at a nearby hotel"

Thirdly, protocol is also defined by ones budget. Meaning not all woman can afford to purchase diamonds for an event. Therefore, it is acceptable to fake it. Other woman accept the right of choice. Woman who comment on it or make remarks, either covet you or just don't want you to have a good time. Therefore, ignore the comments and have the best night you can. Not all questions are deserving of an answer.

Questions Asked:

1. What is the difference between formal and casual accessories? She compared a simple or chain necklace vs a diamond or crystalline necklace. The diamond necklace comes with diamond earrings. This is something one might want to keep in mind. The two are worn in different occasions.

2. What is your favorite accessory? The store manager answered a ring. Although, I would personally ask this question of the store manager and shy away from it. In this case it isn't important, due to the variety the store offers.  The goal is not to become a trend. Meaning you don't want to arrive at the event wearing the same thing as someone else. A ring you can always just take it off and put in your purse.

3. What is the most important item in your wardrobe? I would have to say a purse. A beautiful purse to keep a few items in. The most important ones. Such as your identification, a few dollars in cash, a credit card for emergencies, your lipstick, power compact and phone.

4. How much do you think an accessory? That depends on the girl. Each girls or woman may like different amount of jewelry For some a simple necklace would work, for others they might enjoy wearing a Tiera.  

5 How much should an accessory budget be? At Charming Charlie's in Dos Logos a dollar goes along way. Therefore I think with forty dollars a girl can purchase plenty of items for the evening.
I apologies if the sound quality isn't what it should be. On the final copy it worked just find, however when I typed this blog it wasn't working, therefore from my computer to YouTube something went wrong. I hope to figure it out and upload the copy with sound. Until then these are the questions and answered asked.

Disclaimer: I was not paid, nor compensated for this blog in any way. by Charming Charilie"s. This video was made with the sole intention to help young woman have answers to questions I receive daily phone calls about. Please read disclaimed on the contact page.


Anyone that know me, know that I love fashion. In college part of the degree I took was learning about fashion. The event business is all about fashion. It has everything from technical to clothing. Although, I don't really do all the computer technical things. I do love shopping and fashion.

I was at Nordstron yesterday decided I would look into what was trendy in the cosmetic industry after writing the article on lips on the Diamond Glamour Girl Blog. I stopped at the cosmetic people and asked them about the latest trend. I am so excited to tell you the next few months I will be writing about the latest trends and what is new in the industry. Some will be about the foundations, some about make-up. It's great to know the first company gave me free samples. It is a company I have loved using their products since a child. Although I have to confess I did not stay loyal to brand name. I enjoyed trying other brands. Once they are used I will write about what I liked and didn't like. It is a company.

Does a person have to fight constantly for the right to an education? I say not, in the United States we have the right to an education. However, this question bothered me so much I asked the White House yesterday do their employees have to fight for the right to be employed, to be a mom or dad, to make a living, if they were poor or raped or hurt in anyway that would.  I would like to know if a woman run's for president does she lose the right to be a mother, mom, as a male president has he lost the right to be a father, dad? Do parents have to fight for the right to be a Christian parent in the daily living of the workplace. What would you do if you had to fight daily for this right?

Back to fashion, I know it doesn't seem like it matters, it does. It relates to every industry their is in states. Not that I am in every industry, The President of the United States represent it, that is why I throw the question to him. As cold as it seems, ice events happen, get the humor my companies name is MK Pure Diamond Events, Diamond's = Ice.

Here are some fashions I thought worth writing about. Evening out this little "white dress" is very feminine, It says I am a young woman treat me as one. Respect! I also love the fact it could be used as an "Era" Dress. You may be able to attend a wedding in it however, you might want to check with the bride. It is etiquette not to wear the same color as the bride. The latest trend is that bridesmaids are wearing a version of the wedding dress. That makes for an interesting evening.

 Having fun with cloths is always a good thing. As a woman, have different stages in life her freedom to express them should be her own.

I also looked at these shoes. Both pair of shoes I found were not at Nordstron, they were, again express who you are. This pair of shoes where coveted by a teenager not yet old enough to wear them. The heal is pretty tall. She tried to get her mothers permission, but mom just wasn't paying attention headed for the dressing room.

As I walked through Nordstron I check out their jewelry, other clothing, shoes and came up with this combination that although it is not a traditional combination. It says I am all female, willing to have a little fun. Combining a casual vest with a formal wear. The traditional will think of you as rebellious and not the lady you should be. I say terminate that person from your life and live the life God wants you be. Not the fool who wants power over you and not allow you freedom. Freedom of Choice. You don't have to live anyone else life your own is what should matter most to you.   

How fun is it, when we can tell others to mind their own business I was free when I learned how to jump on your trampoline. Thank God for the pleasures of life.
 There is a pair for gold shoes. Now I think these might have their own family and should be with them rather then mine, however I do think the shoes and the vest, hum do they fit?  God shoes who has ever heard of such a thing. Buy your own, these are mine.

If you want the designer names send me an email. I will be happy to consult you for a small fee. ;)

Hi there, Reader;

This is a new page I am starting to discuss, work related business clothing.

Having some difficulty, with setting this up. It should be up and running shortly.

plural noun: togs
  1. 1.
    "running togs"
3rd person present: togs
  1. 1.
    be or get dressed for a particular occasion or activity.
    "we got togged up in our glad rags"

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