Thursday, May 31, 2018

Honor in Defeat? Is there?

Hi there,

The battle is over. I am defined. 911 lets New York. That how it feels. Truly I say to you, no bible or man can heal the wounds of this woman. I have tried many distractions. Blogging. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me and I love expressing myself through word. Here is my last story. Will it make a living for me as my children hoped. I doubt it now. Since 2003 I have been posting on this First as MK Productions Meeting and Event Planning Services then as MK Pure Diamond Events and Diamond Glamor Girls my favorite gossip. I also had two other ones while I worked at a hotel in Carlsbad, CA. Men Get Wed, Woman Get Wed.  Today was the final hit. I have to admit defeat. My divorce was finalized. Oh my! God zero. Big fat $0 admited defeat!

Here’s an account of events I have never shared, leading to this day. The Lord hates divorce and I believe this is true. More he hates evil.

I love what I do and if your a woman, you know balancing a growing family and aging parent is difficult working two employments to help with things is even more difficult. However, the income helped pay the expenses of two growing children and they helped by picking some of my household responsibilities. They also at the age of 18 become employees.

In 2009, two friends called and asked for employment. Remember the old saying never mix business and friendship that’s true. The first friend I was able to help through her divorce and abuse from her husband. She needed money. My husband and I helped her start a new life.

The other friend by a mutual preacher. Asked for employment. I didn’t have any to give, so I made the mistake of inviting to a couple of conference so he could meet others who would help him he claimed he was a AV person. My business employees AV people we don't keep them on payroll. I introduced him around. -n the hopes he'd find employment. One in San Diego no luck for him then one in Los Angeles. I was sexually harrassed (now this will go to count maybe) Due to the fact he won’t stop. I had to advice the police in three counties. He still drives by. I have now been advised by an attorney to peruse civil matter in court.

This lead to divorce. Under medical care trying to stop him. My thought was if I told the therapist and doctors what he was doing they could help. In trying to help me my oldest child Dustin Kamon died in 2014. Still my ex and I tried to stop the lies online. To no avail. .y preacher tried. It left me without enough funds to support myself so I moved in with my mom and her husband. Yes I say her husband because I was already married when she called me and said I got married. Therefore, once your parent surprises you with getting married, he's just her husband. Vegas wedding.

With that being said my children both tried to stop the constant lies online and internet. Since that has not worked and all he wants is for me to be worked so others can make money. My attorney has advised me to stop all social medica for a while. It’s not making me a living anyway. Therefore, it is with much regret to inform you. I will no longer be posting on this account and due to this man following me I have to close my social media for a while. Yes, I mean following me in real time.  As of a few days ago he did it again as I got off the fwy.

It is against the law to stock, follow a woman or sexually harass her on-line for self pleasure work her for money in a form of slavery. To all those that follow. Thank you for your support. I regret the advice of my children on how to make a living on line didn’t work. God bless and remember no matter what happens in your life. God is good all the time.

John 8:32 then they shall know and the truth shall set you free.

I was asked why I always use words from the Bible:Here is my best answer.

When a child is born male or female. The do not know. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach.   Roman's 15:6  For them to learn sovereign, for the person of: one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Have you heard the song and I don't know the name of it. God is Sovereign, Sovereignty of God. The lyrics "baby, your Sovereign..." .That is the battle. Many do not want to acknowledge the voice of God within. It is supposed to be to help the person, become better. Not make them pay for someone else's sins! Jesus Christ already did that for all of us. Therefore, we can live an individual life knowing that Jesus Christ already paid for all my sins. Making humans a sinner saved by grace. 

This offends some. That why we as humans are called to forgive. That is why we are called to humanity.

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