How many flavours do you have? I laugh to myself at the joy of purchasing a cake for an event. When purchasing a grooms cake it's a whole other idea. Where the wedding cake is about the bride and groom.  The grooms cake is all about him. Therefore, what flavour are you?

Some men prefer to have the cake be about this college team they played in. Some may prefer the sports that they enjoy. The traditionalist choose to red velvet cake is suppose to be about the groom sharing information about himself. Traditionally the commeradity he has with other men is exposed at this moment. His men will gather and eat this cake. Their loyalty is with him. It is a long tradition this is where guest make their stand. Will you be with the groom or with the bride and groom? It's considered rather rude to eat both.

The tradition and etiquette has changed and from red velvet cake to flavor of choice. I ask you again. What flavor are you? The battle is on at the reception as the bride and groom dance with their guest. It's not a normal battlefield not all will participate. Some guest prefer to be spectators. It is most important to make sure you both had time to eat the dinner you are paying for.  When time is fast it's slow. Most weddings last hours and feel like minutes. Even this can be part of the guest challenge. I'm to busy to eat is an excuse of the past. It's time to indulge for the evening you have so planned with every detail.

Rules of Combat:

1. Know who you will place in the front line. Traditionally it's your groomsmen, however they are in the spot light with you this makes strategies a little more difficult.

2. Flavours: this will last for years and might be brought to mind often.
Are just a few of the favorites. Don't worry if I didn't name you favorite. The professional baker you choose can customize any cake and filling.

3. Your second line might be as important as the first after the wedding. Know them well. They will be the ones who will probable help you with all the adjusting to your new life. Like home decor. Readjusting to reality after the honeymoon and all the pressures of a new family. 

4. Make sure to ask your groomsmen to carry the burdens for you. This will allow you the opportunity to enjoy the moments that are most important with your bride. Make list and delicate it you have to.  Just be ready to do the same for the people who are helping you if asked.

One of my favorite grooms was a young man who had that all figured out with the in laws prior to marriage and therefore his life didn't change much. He knew what to expect and most importantly what not to expect. 

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Chanel RSVP

Hi there,

I was recently invited to a Chanel event. RSVP only. I was so excited I wrote down the time in my Louie Vouton planner. The best one I own so far planner that is. Everyone ask to see it. I want they want wedding, meeting or special event,  we all want  wedding, meeting or special event. This one cost you baby and I'm not cheap. $50.00 dollars just isn't enough to plan your event. That's what I do for a living I plan meetings weddings event. That's what happens when I open my amazing Louie Bouton planner. Everyone wants, it's like they want to live there.

Chanel like always is first class. Not only in its packaging also in the presentation space and class location. It was so much fun to try some of the new products as well as some of the old. You know it is one of those things that people don't understand until they have tried it. 

Step by step and explanation of the product. It's use and then the way to apply it. I offend recommend to brides to hire a make-up artist for the day of their wedding or special event. - never recommend a product I think it's a personal choice. I still get called and told this person is trying to sell me product. I want you to know this is what I recommend.

1. Get a skin care regiment that will help you take care of your skin. Cleaner, Freshener and Moisturizer. Clean skin makes for a better Make-up application 

2. Choose with a dramatic look. It's shows up better on photographs. That day there should be a lot of photographs taken. Please do a trail run before. When you hire the make-up artist it should have a pre-day appointment where colors are chosen. 

3. If you have chosen let's say Chanel make-up for the day, then the day of free trail take your products with you. Not all make-up artist know how to use all products. 

Here is my new stand for all new brides. Visit your local Chanel sale location and learn about their skin care. Then if you'd want to pay me to plan your special day I will share with you my favorite people with you. They will make a plan with you. Now that I promote a product, unless you use what I am recommending take your complaints elsewhere. Realistically if you have complaints about Chanel you should just tell Chanel.

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Beauty by Chanel

On the 29th I have been invited to participate in master beauty class by Chanel professionals. I will try to post on Instagram live or stories depending on what they allow. I will also try to video it. The fallow along an let's see if you can join us for this class. @MKPDE

New Blue Is Cool For Weddings-iCloud

Can you believe it? A designer who has a blushing bride dress as well as an iCloud dress. That's what I would call it anyway. A woman who knows sky and knows the beauty is blue excise for both men and woman. Nothing to fight over, I personally believe that God would want all of us to know Him. What better than a bride walking down the isle than wearing a heavenly blue. Would you think heaven sent if you where her groom? My second question is would a Pastor stop the bride from walking down the Isle in the dress? It is covered in all the right places however, it is a break from the traditional white.

Let's face it reality would be that every woman in the place would covet her. My first thought when I saw this dress in this year season is who is this person who got the concept that is so difficulty to explain to the average man. What God has put together let no man... Randy Fenolli.

I personally believe that a forced marriage is not a healthy marriage in heaven or on earth. Male, Female or now what is accepted in the United States legal marriage. If forced there is no love. I understand parents use to have parental authority in these things. However, marriages are no longer traditional. Growing into love may may not exist today. What do you think?

I do think Randy Fenolli got the concept and will have many success in his life. I wish I would have seen this earlier and I would have sent you a bunch of brides for this season.

Please Visit Randy Feloni website to order your 2018 spring summer wedding dress.

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Have My Cake and Eat It Too!
Dressed or Naked

Hi there,

I haven't written much about cakes lately. I do have to ask you do you like them dressed or undressed? When I started this business there were so many things happening that where changing. People are so creative. I was so embarrassed by a vendor who asked me that question. What I answered? My face embarrassed and I was filled with giggles, as I thought to myself; "How can a cake be undressed?" Tart? Sweet?
The questions asked a couple are very very interested when they are planning a wedding. This is why I will always recommend a wedding planner.

Here are some tips for cake shopping.

  1. Know the number of guest who will be attending?
  2. Will you be offering other desserts? If so, this cuts the amount of savings of cake you will need. 
  3. Understand cake is sold by the slice. It doesn't matter if it's an economical baker or an designer bakery. They sell the cake by the slice. Each guest gets a slice. The mathematical equation is # of guest times cost of slice equals the total cost of the cake. 
  4. You'll have to choose a filling. One of my favorite bakeries is name Orchard. I've been bless to taste all the filling options. My favorite is lemon. (Tangerine is a little sour.)
  5. Display, while your there ask the bakery if they will be displaying the cake or will you have to. How best to display cake.
  6. Will they deliver? Serve? Set-up? Takedown and what will you do with the extra or left over cake? Some bakeries give small boxes so your guess cake take the left home with them. If not the venue allows their people to eat and the rest gets grown out or trash.
  7. Cake toppers. If you haven't chosen one this might be a good time to do so. If you choose not to have one that is also acceptable.
  8. Make sure the bride and groom have set enough time aside to eat a slice of the cake you purchased. It's always sad for the couple when you've spent so much time money and effort and you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
By the way the cake shown here is fully dressed. Cakes with no icing are naked.

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One Of My Favorite Fashion Designers

There are so many great fashion designers when you work in the industry I work in. Planning meetings weddings and events. I was introduce to her many many years ago. She has grown so much that I enjoy seeing her name everywhere now. 

From casual wear to office supplies Nicole Miller is one of my favorite designers. See the sceenshoot taken from her website above.  I think her wedding gowns are slick and sexy in an understated way. While her casual wear will make you stand out in the crowd. Nicole Miller's taste is one to be appreciated.

Here is the link to Nicole Miller website;

Choosing the Ceremony Music

What choose of music will your guess listen too? This will be the first impressions of you, church or venue. Will you help them relax and enjoy the Ceremony or become stressed? What is if ant your secondary agenda.
 The first of corse is to become legally married before /of and witnesses.
Will you set the mood, before, during and after. This music sets the tone of your wedding.

Here are some tips:

1.  The music you like your future spouse may not like.

2. Listen to relaxing music first before you discussed the more update music.

3. When choosing music think about what will e emotions you want to envoke in your guest.

4. Know the time you are programing choose the first middle and last song. Then fill in the rest. Everyone has three favorite songs. If you both have three favorites then you have a beginning of filling in the time.

If you'd like additional information please listen to Maria Kamon©™ @MKPDE -iTune- PocketCast or GooglePlay 

With This Ring I Thee Wed

App World - Wedding App World That Is

The search for the perfect app for planning your wedding may not exist. Did you know that there are more than a hundred wedding planning apps. What's the right one? Each wedding magazine comes with an app tool. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do I need to write things down right away? 
  2. What is my preferred tool? Pencil and paper, phone, tablet?
  3. How often do I have to keep track of information?
  4. Where will I put receipts and other information I don't need at this moment However, I will on my wedding day?
  5. What type of is best for myself?

Please listen to TODAYS comments on Anchor ⚓ 

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When The Laws Of The State Change

If you listen to my radio program on anchor you would of heard the discussion on same sex marriage. Here is a better definition of what changed and when.

Same-sex marriage is legal in the U.S. state of California, and first became so on June 16, 2008, when the state began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as the result of the Supreme Court of California ruling in In re Marriage Cases, which found that barring same-sex couples from marriage violated the state's constitution. The issuance of those licenses was halted during the period of November 5, 2008 through June 27, 2013 (though existing same-sex marriages continued to be valid) due to the passage of Proposition 8—a state constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriages.[1] The granting of same-sex marriages recommenced following the United States Supreme Court decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry, which restored the effect of a federal district court ruling that overturned Proposition 8 as unconstitutional.
On August 4, 2010, United States District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker declared Proposition 8 a violation of the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a decision upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on February 7, 2012. The case, known as Perry v. Brown in the Ninth Circuit, was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court on July 31, 2012.[2] The case was granted review as Hollingsworth v. Perry on December 7, 2012 and a decision was issued on June 26, 2013.[3] The Court decided that the official sponsors of Proposition 8 did not have legal standing to appeal the district court decision when the state's public officials refused to do so.[4] The judgment of the Ninth Circuit was vacated and the case was returned to that Court with instructions to dismiss the Prop 8 sponsors' appeal. On June 28, 2013 a stay of effect was removed from the federal district court decision and same-sex marriages were able to resume. Same-sex couples married later that day.[5]
Before the passage of Proposition 8, California was only the second U.S. state (after Massachusetts) to allow same-sex marriage. Those marriages granted under the laws of other state governments, foreign and domestic, were legally recognized and retained state-level rights since 2008.[6][7]

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The Greatest Wedding I Witnessed In My Youth

Hi there, Reader;

When your a child you think like a child, when you are an adult you put away childish things. I put away the dreams of haing a wedding like Jack and Jackie many years ago. What I didn't put away is the desire to share with others the deep understanding of how beautiful a time it was.

First Jack was our first catholic president. Forgive me if I got that information wrong. It was a time when the world was trying to understand the difference between Catholics and Christians. The division was talked about often by parents, friends and everywhere one walked.  Protestant, Christian, Catholic, it was acceptable to speak of religion. It's affect on ones life and ones world. Are you a Irish Catholic or Protestant. It was that everyone new what their Church stood for. Where it's understanding was in comparison with politics and world issues. There was no shame in having understanding. Each respected the view points although you may not agree. Church was more than entertainment. It was a place to get understanding. Understanding and peace within oneself on world issues. Pastors where free to give their opinions. Priest included in their daily reading a comparison of the bible and the world issues. Freedom was preached about often. It was a time of inner struggle for myself, mainly because I was a child trying to understand more profound issues than just trying to play with my girlfriends, house, dolls, games. Life had more of a profound effect on living than explainable.

The Jack and Jackie wedding was watched. It was romantic. Yet, not only because of their love for one another. Their attempt to balance, religion, love, dating, romance in the public eye as well as in the political life. Money was important, however public conduct and grace played an even greater part. Bigger publicly wasn't always better. How does one achieve the balance of love, religion, marriage, faith? How did a young woman or man behavior affect their life? 

The Kennedy Family involved in every aspect of their life and Joe explain how he raised Jack from the time he was born to want to become president. Much like Tiger Woods dad, talked about how he raised his son to want to become a pro golfer. Then people began to want the same thing. How is it achieved? Sensationalism vs reality. I often wonder how the affects of social media impacts are youth with the notion that fame on YouTube or social media is the same as being raised in a family with good moral conduct. Is it the same?  What was it that Jack and Jackie had that many missed. What is a big Romantic Wedding about? 

Since Camelot days there have been other famous rich weddings. I could go through the list, however if I miss one will I be blamed for not having all the information correct? I don't usually have all the facts correct and many of my post are from my planner point of view.  The one thing I do like brides to understand is the wedding, Their wedding is more than just about themselves. It speaks about the whole family. Their relationship with each other. Also, their relationship with family members, friends and loved ones.  If you ever have a thought of getting married, then read about the things that will help you develop into a young man or woman and know where you stand with yourself before you commit to standing with another.


                 OCEANSIDE MUSEUM 

One of the things I enjoy as a wedding planner is finding unique venues for my clients for weddings, Meetings or Events.

Museum venues are unique. They offer beautiful art on the walls and space. It's a unique setting where people have something to discuss other than themselves. One can help oneself to walk around and discuss different art pieces. Conversation starters I like to call them.

I haven't had a chance to visit this museum, however it's on my list of perspective venues.

Please read full disclaimer at the contact page. Please note I have not been paid by the venue mentioned on this blog. Like, Subscribe, leave a comment below and if you'd like a personal conversation email. You may also visit website and wix chat. Thank you!  

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Hotel Temecula 

      The town of Temecula was established in 1859 as you drive in it is clearly stated on the sign. The Old Temecula with its cute antique shops and places to purchase unique gifts is filled with people and laughter. Although this part of the city has its antique it's food restaurant are not. With the new and happening trendy teens checking out the locals you can't help but smile as you watch them playing a game of Scavenger Hunt from your restaurant chair.

If you turn the conner on main street just a few steps away from the newly design threatened that was getting ready for the next live be in threatened in June. I promised the young man walking by I mention them. Back to the main story. Located across the street from the Children's Museum is the Temecula Hotel.

This Hotel invited wedding planners to visit for an open house and to show off their antiques. Withe it's cute intimate rooms there are enough rooms for a wedding party of twenty to stay they night. It is full with an Era passed. Like the first wedding gift given the couples a toaster. The operator switch board and even a post office. The total does have a Bridal suite for changing and even a grooms quarter.

The back yard area has some amazing photo opt areas along with live chickens to add to the homey feel. It seats two hundred for a wedding or party and is available for rental. 

Chris and Richard have said: "Step in time to a slower pace and stay in one of our ten rooms decorated with charm and grace." They specialize in Family Reunions, Garden Party or Wedding Events. Contact Chris and Richard directly at Hotel Temecula

Photography Wedding Shots

 The photographer in this photograph is Heather of Heather Elise Photography. The photograph taken my Maria Kamon©™ Photography.

Before you shop for a wedding photographer, stop to ask yourself what style of photography do you like? There are several styles. There is journalistic, there is lifestyle and a couple others. Once you know your style consider the photographers that are listed under your category. 

1.  As a wedding planner what I have couples do is make a list of all the have toos photographs. Like the one with Aunt Susie and Uncle Fred, that you haven't seen in years and probably won't see again for several years however since they are related you must have a photograph with the. 

2.  Place each of these on a list of importance. Now this is where it gets a little difficult for couples. Mom and Dad my have in their own minds a list of important people to photograph. You might want to ask then to write it down.

3.  Photo shots! Each photographer has their own style, therefore make sure you agree with their photography style for the important moments. Example:  a) when he sees your dress for the first time. B) placements of where to take the wedding photo of your rings. c) where your intimate couple photographs will be taken 

4.   Make sure your photography session includes an engagement session. Where it is just you two at the location of your choice.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or compensated by the photographer represented here. Please read full disclosure on contact page. If you have any question please feel free to email them or leave your comments in the comment box.

 Wedding and Special Occasion Dresses

 Hi there, Readers;

As always I love sharing what I know. Just know I can't share what I do not know or understand. It was good seeing old friends at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club 2017 Bridal Faire. This year I was able to take a couple of photographs of Bridal gowns. 

Take a look at these beautiful dresses. Please understand that no matter how many photographs I take it will never do these gowns justice.  If your a bride looking to purchase a dress then these two wedding shops are a must on the list of wedding planning have toos. 

The Bustle represented by Mariah Williams is a wedding boutique that offers us ladies the most coveted of dresses. She brought in a few samples. I love how she draped the dress and offers brides maids short dresses. These can be used as cocktail dresses. It is my understanding both of these fine store will help you find the dress you are looking for.

Now H. Kles dresses are more of a beaded dress with a great safisticated elegance. The drape on the dresses are slick and flow with the with the bride. My guess is that theses are a little heavier in weight due to the bead work on the dresses.

Just look at the beauty of the design. I can't imagine how many hours it took to make each dress. I wish I would have spent more time talking and asking questions then looking at how beautiful her dresses really are.

Again I recommend you stop by and shop for your wedding dress at one or both of these boutiques.

Don't take my word on it. Test it and see if I'm telling the truth.

In alphabetical order:

H. Kles  
                                                               (858) 442-2323

The Bustle                                                                                 (858) 523-9254

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or compensated by the boutiques represented here. Please read full disclosure on contact page. If you have any question please feel free to email them or leave your comments in the comment box.

How To Purchase A Men's Wedding Ring

Hi there, Reader;

I have to tell you this question took me by surprise. I tried to think back to how my husband and I choose wedding rings and then thought to myself, there wasn't any scientific or practical way. We just did.  I can make some suggestions.

As I researched men's wedding rings I discovered things I didn't know. Some men like their animal known and wear that as a wedding ring. Others prefer just a band of gold. Whatever your taste in wedding rings it is something one should discuss with the bride to become your wife.

Items you might want to talk about:

  1. Diamond or No Diamonds, Gem Stones
  2. Platinum, gold, white gold, silver, black, medals or no medals
  3. Size
  4. Do you want it to be a surprise or not?
  5. What do you value most.
I know and understand that woman....I assure you we know what you think woman want. After all, she is the one you choose for marriage. You have to let her in at some point. If your the type of guy that doesn't want to wear a wedding ring. Maybe, you're the type of guy that knows even though you own a wedding ring you will won't keep the commitment. Then, be honest before you get married. It might be a deal breaker for her. If you are mature enough to commit to marriage your mature enough to tell her your truth.

If your truth is unacceptable to her. Then she is mature enough to accept the unacceptable. Meaning, it's better to walk away then to commit to someone and think you can change them. You have to know, love, understand what it is your getting into before you commit. The thing is that most people look at marriage as just between the couple. It is at first. Then you have children and it involves a who lot of people. The wedding planning processes involves a whole lot of people. Therefore, no secrets means it's best to talk, before your secrets are made public.

For men who need to hear it from another man.

You both need to talk about it. Decide together and proceed to the future together.

Best Wishes to the Bride! Congratulations to the Groom!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by any person or retailer mentioned in this blog.





 DYI Wedding Gifts For Your Guest

Hi there, Reader:

Are you a bride on a dollar? Then here is a DYI (Do It Your Self) Gift for your guest. Understand that a dollar gift is never really a dollar, you add things to it to make it more. However, as of this month at the dollar store there are these cute mason jars. The dollar store ones are plastic. The ones at Michael are glass. The choice is yours. Either way they make cute gifts for your wedding, party or event. The ones I purchased where from Hobby Lobby.

Party Glasses: Mason Jar Gifts

  1. Micheal's sells this tape, it's not really like washi tape it is more like a sheet of diamonds with sticky backing. Not sure if the other stores sell it. Trim it and place it just a little lower than the drinking point. For the smaller ones you can cute a circle and place it on the lid.


    2.  Chalk Paint and Stencils: Paint  a small chalk board on each of the glasses or gifts, then write your guest name on it and place it at each place setting.

    3.  Make rosettes out of ribbon and tie a ribbon around each glass, you'll have to add a little hot glue to make it stay in place.

    You can fill the with bridal almonds, nuts, mints. In case you don't know it is traditional gift given to guess to eat at wedding. Normally, only a few are given they are thought to be expensive and to be a delicious treat. Now a days people don't look up the tradition or meaning behind the items given therefore, they do it so big they loose the meaning for it. 

    You can fill them with kisses. Yes, Hersey's kisses has an array of items that can be place in any jar that will make your guest say Thank You!

    You can also put M & M's these will also make a beautiful gift and colorful if you are having a rainbow event. 

    The goal of any wedding planner is to help you with all the details of your wedding planning process. Whether your a dollar bride or a million dollar bride. The one thing in common is you both are spending money to make your wedding day the best it can be.

    If you are looking for a wedding planner. Please consider giving MK Pure Diamond Events Meeting and Event Planning Services a call. If you have suggestions for a vlog or other blogs please feel free to email your suggestions to

    Please read the disclaimer at the end of the blog or contact page. I was not paid to advertise the companies where products where purchased I included the information for your purpose.

    If you would like to see photographs please follow on instagram, facebook, tweet @mkpde.





Tulle DYI Project for the Flower Girl

Hi there, Reader;

You have a little princess who's about to become a flower girl at your wedding. There are many dress shops you can purchase a dress. However, you want it to look a certain way. You want it to be certain colors. Why not make the dress for her. If you are a bride who's dress has lots of tuelle, they why not create a tulle dress for your little princess. 

I took this photograph out of a brochure from Hobby Lobby to make my point however I would have preferred to have made a dress or two to show you how beautiful they can be. This picture is of little girls in custom.

Some call them Tu Tu and you can make those without stitching. However, for a wedding take the time to sew it. It might take longer, however the result should be worth it.

You'll need:

Elastic:      Measure Child's waste-line.
Tulle:         Approximately 5 yards
Embellishments: I would try to find the flowers you will have in your wedding or make silk flower roses, roses out of ribbon. (lesson for another time)
Satin for the underlining.

This can be made in two section the blouse or  of the dress and the l recommend since it is for a wedding making it one solid dress. What I really recommend is

I recommend using Simplicity Pattern: Sunny Fashion Girls Dress Rose Flower Tulle Wedding Pageant Bridesmaid Kids Clothes Size 4-5

Here is the description:


Full lined with cotton. Zip back. Full length. Dry wash. Made in China. Following size means age ranges for girls, they are for general guidance only. For most accurate fit, we recommend checking detailed size measurement before purchase.
Sunny Fashion is a brand specialized on flower girls dresses, everyday girls dresses, girls dancing dresses, formal girls dresses, pageant girls dresses, party girls dresses, wedding girls dresses, princess girls dresses and bridesmaid girls dresses. We also have special occasion girls dresses for Holidays, Easter, Christmas, Birthday Party and Halloween.
Size Chart: The size age range is just for reference. If your girl's measurements is between two different sizes, the larger size is recommended.(Measurement in the size chart refer to the dress measurement not for body measurement)

I have to laugh. The dress won't be made in China, the pattern is. This pattern makes a beautiful dress for a young child for a wedding  This is for the bride who want's to make a her wedding a DYI Wedding and make everything the most affordable possible. Click on the link for what I am trying to explain so you can see the dress I am talking about. However, if you are going to make a Hobby Lobby, Tulle dress you can make it the way described in their brochure or check the sewing section for a pattern.

For the simplest dress I know how to make.
Take the elastic.
Measure the child' waste.
Measure the child's height.
Measure from her knees to her waste.
Cut the tulle to that length desired.

Gather tulle by stitching two straight lines. Then stitch onto the elastic. Stitch two eye hooks in the back or side of the skirt for closure. This is a great little hook, if the child gets to ruff the skirt will fall off and the child won't get hurt. Make sure the length is age appropriate. For example a very young preschooler might not be able to walk on a full length dress, where as a youth can.

When the dress is stitched onto the elastic you may then add a ribbon waistline or a hem ribbon. If you have floral applicates  you can apply them to your liking a placement.

There are many variations to this dress and please check them on for Simplicity Patterns.

Disclaimer: Please read the full disclaimer at the end of this blog. I was not paid for using the names of the companies listed above, or manufactures.

If you would like to suggest more items you would like to read about or blog, or something I should vlog about please email me your suggestions at:


Signature Wedding Drinks

Hi there, Reader,

This is the season for looking up what will be your main Wedding drink. Something refreshing that many of your guest will enjoy. Most of my readers and know that I am not much know that due to the fact that I am very much against drinking and driving. I do however suggest that you make aggrangments for the guest you know who will. I found a website who has a list of many signature Drinks. Here is one I thought sounded rather appealing.

Tangertini Courtesy LiquidChefs
  • 1 oz. tangerine schnapps
  • 1 oz. vodka
  • Tangerine juice
  • Orange/tangerine peel, for garnish

How to Make It 
  • Shake and strain first 3 ingredients into a martini glass.
  • Garnish with orange/tangerine peel.

Top Ten Advice From MOG to Groom

1. Be kind.

2. Listen, Respect her opinions and do what is right.

3. Save every chance you get.

4. Don't expect her to be your mother.

5. Respect yourself, so she can repeat you.

6. Use common sense, in words, and in actions.

7. Forgive doesn't mean forget it means you made a commitment and your honoring it.

8. Be the leader (financial planner, counselor, parent, provider and anything else needed) in your home and seek council when you don't know what to do, how to do it.

9. Love and sex are two different things. You can have sex without love, you can't have love in a marriage without sex. It creates a a lack of intimacy and a lonely life.

10. You always have a house, it takes courage to make it a loving home

Peace in the home is created, respected, coveted, appreciated it is not.prayed for, it comes from an attitude of heart.

The Tradition of a Canadian Wedding

I was researching the traditions of Canadian weddings and what I discovered surprised me. Traditions are more for the families involved that the country one lives in. For example it might be ethnic, cultural influence, religious, financial. Traditions are handed down from family members to family members.

I did discover, weddings in Canada does have certain options we don't offer in the states. When one thinks about ones future and tries to incorporate all the options in front of oneself for a year of  planning, one should stop and think of the location one is choosing.

Why not Canada?  It has beautiful locations. Excellent hotels and all the luxuries we have to offer. The difference is in the legalities. Like European weddings if you are a United States Citizen or born in the United States you first have to file you wedding with City Hall. This is because weddings preformed out of the United States are not considered legal if you are filing for divorce. Therefore, to divorce you would have to return to the city you were married. Which might not be a bad thing. You see if you have to return to the place, location you were married in, you might fall in love with the person you married in the first place. I have thought about this often. There are things that are hated and divorce is one of them. It hurts or affects too many people.  If you are planning a Canadian wedding whatever your tradition make sure of these things.

1. File for marriage license in the U.S., after wedding make sure you send the appropriate.
2. Check with the city clerk in the country or the embassy to find out what the legalities are for that country.
3. Make sure you follow appropriate procedure, filling out all paper work and paying all fines.

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