Sunday, September 16, 2018

5 Star Hotel Vs AirBNB

On what do I choose? I was recently asked this question? My reply, what is important to you? How intimate do you want to get with the location your staying in. 

There are several things to be aware of when traveling.

  1. Know where you are traveling to and why?
  2. When you know what you want to see stick to your itenary. Although locals may tempt you to walk off and do your own thing, not travel agencies do not recommend this for safety reasons.
  3. Do your homework , or research. Know what cities State, countries your visiting and for what reasons. Check their visitors website for things to visit.

Now what is the difference between a five star hotel and an air BNB.
Ask yourself; Do you like to float or be on solid ground? It's a lifestyle choice. Are you adventurous or not? Are you about meeting people or not? High risk taker or low risk taker?

  1. Most likely an air BNB is a owned and operated by the people who own the property. They may allow you to use their kitchen and grounds, they may not. Sometimes it is part of the house like a bedroom you rent out.
  2. Hotels 5 star hotels have their grounds well out mapped out. They usually have security on the property. The rooms are designed for the purpose of renting for a night or two or more.
  3. The airBNB might have been a residential estate and the owners decided to rent the rooms out when they need money.
  4. 5 Star Hotels have specific amenities. They provide a professional concierge who can help you with any or all travel arrangements. They know people who will help the days travel made easy, comfortable and safe.

Whatever, one chooses the goal is always to travel and return safely. Be sure to check with a reputable travel agency. There is now a magazine named Airbnb for those that prefer this way of travel. It's pretty interesting read and for this writer. I believe it's a lifestyle choice you'll have to make.

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