All Talk No Walk

I was reading today an email from a co-worker and in it was a message and the message sad. Happy Bla Bla Day! I'm sure she was just trying to make her ad light and fun the reality is. What I took her to be saying is all talk no walk. Meaning the person was talking away and not saying anything significant or meaningful. It was in important and not worth listening to. What they are saying is not worth listening to why is that.

1. What he / she is saying is irrelevant to the situation.

2. They have a proven record of being selfish, lier, not the best person to be in a relationship with.

3. You just don't trust them.

4.  They would betray you as much as their words are speaking.

In contract negotiations this is a terrifying thought. The person selling you the contact should have it written. If their words are not written, then they are selling you a bill of goods. Meaning they will not be giving you want you think. They are out talking you. Talking around you, not telling you the truth.

Be smart even with event professionals. Read the contract before signing. This industry is about contract we all have to have then. It is the way the industry law is written.

When Meetings Run You Over

Hi there, Reader;

I was talking a walk the other day for exercise and started thinking about what type of person I am in a business meeting. Am I the type of person that who sees someone getting run over in a meeting or do I step in to help facilitate the meeting so people stay on task or do I let it just run off coarse.

Statagies to help keep your meeting on task. 

1. I have said this before and I can't state it enough.  Have a written agenda with starting times and ending times. 

2.  If the meeting is getting out of control, take control by instructing and just tell those in attendance they are off the agenda time line. Suggest they can add there points to the next meeting.

3. Have a second person as backup, someone you have personally chooses to help. This way your not the one always interrupting. 

3. Don't allow yourself to be interested by another person's agenda over your life. Know the difference between a personal revenge moment and true static agenda. One is revenge and has no great been it and the other is for the hope of what is best for the business or meeting.

4. Trust yourself to know and understand the difference.

5. Trust your employees enough to ask questions about why they are suggesting certain things and test the answer to see it they are being truthful. 

6. Respect yourself and your people enough to value their time and end the meeting in time.

Please read disclaimer at the end of this blog. Thank you for reading. Should you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment box.

Hi there; Reader;

I have often thought about what make one meeting more valuable than another. I have thought about this in two ways. One as a Person attending the meeting, two as an executive of a company or business. Here are some thoughts I came up with. Let's face it as employees we sometimes attend workshops just to get away be fooled your executive feels the same way.

  • I enjoy attending a work shop that I leave and can apply the principal taught to my workplace.
  • I enjoy attending a workshop when it relates to my business.
  • I enjoy attending a workshop when the speaker have more to say than their personal problems.
  • I enjoy attending a workshop that share practical and positive ways of doing the same thing to get a better result.
  • I enjoy attending the workshop of someone who is doing what I do better than myself.
As an executive...
  • I enjoy attending a workshop when my I can bring something positive to bring my to my employees.
  • I enjoy attending a workshop when it's going to help me be a better executive.
  • I enjoy attending a workshop when it empower me to make more money. Truth be told your business whether big or small has to make money so one can help your employees which then will empower one to be better.
  • It's a balance of employment vs employer. Who treats whom better.
  • I enjoy a workshop that has fee goodies, then I can share the goodies with my employees.Why? They took care of things while I was at the workshop.
If you need a workshop presenter consider MK Pure Diamond Events.

Tequila Comes of Age Meets Meeting Venue

 If you are reading this looking for a venue...check out this one. It's more of a meeting venue Santa Fe Meeting Venue.

I loved this title, so I copied it from an industry trade magazine. At what age does "Tequila" really come of age. Does it go through stages like human? The article had very little to do with the "Tequila" and aging and more to do with how it is now accepted as an alcohol that is used in mixed drinks. 

Here are two of the Mixed Drinks you can serve at your next event. Please note as an industry professional I do not recommend using alcoholic beverages at all events, it is up to the business owner. Note be advised laws have changed and in some of the states the business owners responsibility to make sure anyone attending a meeting or events serving alcoholic beverages has to make sure there safe form of transportation for the guest to get home.  Please remember DON'T DRINK and DRIVE.

Mag Margarita

2 oz fresh pineapple- jalapeno and pink peppercorn  (Instead of St Regis Atlanta Tequila)
1 oz Cointreau (optional)
1 oz fresh sour mix (You can substitute equal parts lemon and/or lime juice and simple syrup and shaken vigorously with ice. This produces a pearly-white liquid with a pronounced flavor.) 
1 oz passion-fruit puree
Serve over rock in a balloon glass, garnish with a dried pineapple wheel and jalapeno slice. (best if "Rocks" are frozen overnight.

On the Side: Sangrita

(Compliments of Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa)

1 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
3.4 oz fresh lime juice
3.4 house-made grenadine (optional can be substituted with pomegranate juice, sugar, and water)
1/2 ox. fresh lemon juice 
1/2 tsp chili powder
2 slices each jalapeno and Serrano pepper.
Mix; steep pepper for desired heat (1-2 days); strain.
Serve neat as sipping sidecar to blanco tequila (optional)

These are my two favorite of this list. Mainly, it allows the business owner to decide if they want it as an alcoholic beverage signature drink or a non alcoholic signature drink.  Signature drinks are a fun way to create a conversation at an event. More about signature drinks in my next blog. 

Considering Venues

Hi there, Reader;

It is always fun to pass along something that was passed to me. Can I discuss the quality of service this venue has to offer No. However, the best I can say is when I was in Las Vegas for a conference this past summer this venue was of the highest quality.

Five Stars Within ReachWynn Las Vegas and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
Forbes Five-Star Wynn Las Vegas and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas consistently exceed expectations.

The staff's intense customer focus leads to unforgettable guest experiences. Just ask the couple whose server at Bartolotta negotiated with an airline to get them home to Italy after they missed their flight. Or the traveler who shared a story with a doorman about a favorite bagel, which led to a personal bagel delivery each morning of their stay. These are the stories where true detail lies in the hands of a team empowered to make a difference.

It is this attention to detail that make travelers and meeting planners choose Wynn Las Vegas and Encore for business. A talented team elevates every detail of the 260,000 sq ft of highly configurable meeting space that offers sophisticated technology and a virtually seamless integration of shared services and facilities designed to surpass the expectations of professional meeting planners worldwide.

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore offer 4,750 luxury accommodations and so many enriching entertainment opportunities. The rooms are home to the custom Wynn Dream Beds, of which Mr. Wynn has shared, "Our beds are so comfortable some guests have missed their planes! Of course we help them get home after their good night's sleep." These properties are about more than signature restaurants, luxury shopping, award-winning spas, and the only 18-hole golf course on the Las Vegas Strip—they are about the 13,000 employees awaiting your arrival to create those memorable moments.

Platinum Choice Awards

Hi there, Reader:

Funny how it is we love to read things and when we need it we can't find it.  Have you tried the app Pocket?
It is suppose to solve this problem.  A while ago I received one of my favorite magazines and it talks about the "Intelligent Way to Plan". Meeting planners plan all kinds of things however year after year their is always a more intelligent way to do it.  

According to the Platinum Choice Awards their are several The Hotels is San Diego:
 (Alphabetical Order)

As you can see San Diego has many Hotels to choose from when planning a quality meeting, or event.  My first recommendation is hire the correct meeting planner.

Do I Decorate or Do I Not!

I often get asked by Businesses why should I decorate for a Business Meeting?

When attending a meeting people in general do not think of decoration and the importance of mental health.  As humans we are affected by our emotions, physical health and our senses. Adults tend to attend business meetings, training sessions at least twice a year. For some people it is boring, same old videos, technology, sandwiches for lunch.  If your company is taking the time to plan a meeting, business event should you not take a moment and give thought to the messages you want to convey.  Here are some tips that will help you.
Yes, this cost money, the return investment is worth it.

 Look around the room where you are having the meeting. Is it boring to your eye.  Then it will also be boring to the people you are presenting your message to.

1. Add a Floral arrangement by the podium.
2. Small floral arrangements or center piece at each table, help give people a communication starter. I also suggest having, fruit, nuts, candy in a place where your clients will have the freedom to eat something if needed.
3. Place a pad of paper and pen at each place. This welcomes the person, also helps with those that forget to bring something to write.
4. If possible, pre-print speakers notes, or outline, place them with the note pads. 
5. As people enter let them see a slide or message on screen. Remember to turn off cell phones. Many of us take notes on our phones, Ipads, computer, therefore you might just need to ask to please turn off the ring, or computers noise.
6. Lastly, make sure there is a place the person can get up and get a cup of coffee or water if they need to.
I understand that this might affect the speaker, in most cases speakers understand the importance for a person to feel healthy and pay attention, rather than being restricted to their seat for hours at a time.
7. Plan a short intermission between speakers.  10 minutes on the hour is plenty of time. It allows for those that are sitting to stand and re-energize.

Venue Shopping

Here are some things to consider when venue shopping.

1. Contact a meeting and event planner.  Most people think this will cost you extra money, however the truth is they save you money by knowing the local vendors specializing in what you and your company/business are looking for.

2.  Know the size of the event you want.
      a. number of people attending
      b. budget size
      c. number of meals you will be providing (breakfast, lunch, dinners)
      d. hospitality hour (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks being served)

3.  Location, Location, Location

4.  Transportation Budget
      a.  To and from airport
      b.  Will you having meetings off site?
      c.  Shuttle service
      d.  Limo service

5.  Cost of Providing Entertainment
      a.  Speakers
      b.  Team working
      c.  The cost of a formal dinner or awards dinner

Meeting and Event Planners assist with all the details.  You can help yourself and your business by hiring someone who can help you through the steps.  Someone who will communicate what needs to happen next. 

 Budgeting for your Next Meeting

If you are a small business owner or an owner of a large business or an owner of a small business. We all want to maximize our dollars.  It doesn't matter the size of the company the first thing I suggest is to hire a meeting and event planner that will help you maximize your meeting.  I know some people believe hiring another person to help out will cost more, but the truth is you are 1. Giving someone who needs employment a job.  2. You are hiring someone to help you decide what is important and what isn't. 3. You will be saving time and money by using your time and money to maximize the meeting you are planning.  Part of being a business owner is knowing what to delegate.

 Think of Planning a meeting here are some helpful suggestions to look for.

1.  Start with a budget and a picture or goal of the end in mind.   (Total Amount of Spending)
2.  Find out he number of people attending.                                     ( divided #Attendees)
3.  Seating style will make a difference on the venue will are going to need.   (- venue cost)
4.  Will you be having food at this meeting?  Drinks?                           ( = amount to spend on each person)
5.  Invitations or Registrations are you making them paperless or by invitation?
6.  Will you only be having it for your business or company or will you invite others?
7.  I understand you want the best, however you need to think about what is best for your business.

Let me repeat this to make it more clear:

Total amount of spending dollars for your meeting  (minus venue cost) (divided by # of attendees) gives you the total amount you can spend for each person attending.

Each person attending a normal meeting should receive the following items.

  • Paper, pen or pencil to write notes with
  • Water
  • Food if the meeting is going to last over 4 hours
  • (2) fifteen minute breaks if the meeting is lasting over eight hours.
  • Dinner if the meeting will run longer than eight hours, some prefer a cocktail hour, however if your guest are driving home I suggest you have alternatives other than alcoholic beverages.
  • Thank you gift for attending

For all your meeting planning needs give us a call: MK Pure Diamond Events (619) 549-1656.  We will help you plan a meeting for your business within your budget.

Meeting Planning

MK Pure Diamond Events
Helping your plan the best meeting possible for your budget!


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