Sunday, October 18, 2020

It's 2020 Counting Down To 2021

 Hi there,

You know that I am thinking to myself, how are you doing? I ask myself did I let go or did you? I couldn't continue to write for some years due to the changes I experienced now I know and understand you experienced changes too. Is it our fault? This is the question every human on earth is asking themselves. Along with why did some countries recover faster than the United States. As the ball bounces on 2021 what will you be doing?

This is what I am recommending. Don't know if it will help.

1.  A breath of reality. Step outside and wall around at least once a day. See that the world still exist.

2. Do your normal activities as best you can. If you meditate, do this. If you exercise, do this. Don't let the "Stay Home Stay Safe" order stop you from living your life. Don't let fear overtake you. 

3. It is important to have a happy and healthy mental and physical state of being within yourself. Maintain yourself and your health my keeping your daily routine and a healthy state of mind.

4. This New Years Eve, and holiday plan out your activities even if your staying home. If your staying home than plan different activities for yourself. Read, Write, Self Care, Watch a good movie, plan a bend watching tv moment or movies. Pre-order or make yourself a delicious dinner. Save your money and treat yourself like your important. The truth is you are the most important person in your life to yourself, it's true you have to be important to yourself. You are suppose to care about yourself. If you don't who will? You don't have to feel sorry for yourself. 

5. I understand that everything is different. Doesn't mean you are not loved. People still care about you and want to know how your doing. So stay in touch. If you are going out just double check your plan's and leave your itinerary with someone who can check to make sure your doing okay. It's always important to have people in your life, that make sure you are doing okay.

The streaming election should be over by now and the President of the United States elected into his/her position. I know really understand what that will do for our country and what a broken stream looks life. In the planet world a stream that is blocked or broken runs into another stream or river, making a new path. Who determines the way a stream flows on earth. Many factors. Therefore, I conclude that what ever happens with the "Presidential Election" had many factors, greater than one person.

What has happened to wedding, meeting and event planners is the reality that venues are fighting for their own planners to have business and make income for the venue. Blocking independent event planners made sense. However, it doesn't make money sense. Everyone scrambled to save their own business.

I reopened the boutique part of my business in the hopes of still having a business and not have to rely on government money. If you know one anyone shopping for jewelry for their event, I'd appreciate your referral to our website. It they don't see what they want, have them send me a photograph and I will try to locate something similar.

 Wishing you the best for 2021. Happy New Year!

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