Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Not The Usual Blog

Hi there, Reader;

I was thinking about all the employments I have had through out my my life time. I started working when I was 12 or 13 years old. I wanted extra money for some things and my parents didn’t think I should have it. I asked them if I find employment and get paid can I have it? I found this magazine with all types of things for sale. I wrote the owner of the magazine and asked him if I could try selling some items. He said, yes. That started my skills as an entrepreneur. I walked door to door in my neighborhood sold what I could. I sold items to friend and family and managed to save up for whatever it was I wanted. I don’t remember the item it was. It was the fact that I could do it without asking my parents for money.  Once I earned the money I needed I just stop selling.

Prior to that I had gone to the local pharmacy and deli to see if they would hire and employ me. They respectfully declined stating the laws of the state wouldn’t allow them to hire child labor laws. I quickly went to school and remember asking my teacher if they would allow me extra time in the library. He gave me extra credit if I wrote a paper about it. Growing up biligual English and Spainish I would always mess up on the grammar and I hated writing. However, I was looking up information and I thought I would why not. Child labor laws, I was shocked to find out what it meant and how people take advantage of children. That started my career and ended up being part of my major in college. Who knew that studying the abuse of children in the past would lead to a fofilling life as a director of children’s program. Opening up several schools for private industry as well as church affiliations.

One simple thing in childhood can influence a discover and love that is unexpected, rewarding and challenging. This has lead to a love of writing ( I shared this story in another blog.)  As I got older and learned the difference between writing a paper for school and writing for an audience. I discover the words we write don’t always sound the same to others. That’s what writing the schools newsletter taught. I had parents, who would always ask me questions. What do you mean? Are you tring to say this or that. Sometimes I would say, No I am trying to say exactly what I wrote. Other times I saw their point of view. Either way through the discussing of my writing I become more confident in who I am. What does that have to do with meeting and event planning. I have written a blog on this platform since 2003. The first one was under the name of MK Productions Meeting and Event Planning. Not until recently have I thought about what I have learned throughout  the years I have learned. It all started with receiving an email from another blogger about making money at blogging.

In five years of blogging time she has surpassed my earnings as a teacher, event planner and blogger. She is now teaching other how to blog and selling her knowledge for a price.  Do I covet that ability. I would be a liar if I didn’t say yes. Multiple streams of income. I read. I knew of affiliate programs and how they worked however some how my blogs just didn’t make enough sales. I know I can sale things with my logo and print things and sell them. I just keep thinking. To some degree. Blogging has been a way of expressing what I learned. Now here are these bloggers telling other bloggers. Look at me I’m making more money than you. Please don’t misunderstand me. I usually make fun of people I respect and am all for them leading me to greener times. Does this mean it is time to change my blog. Blogging style? That is what I am asking you, the reader. Without you there is no blog. No story to tell. No one to help no one to hear my my stories. Do I write about how to make money blogging? Do I keep on keeping on?

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