Monday, May 7, 2018


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It’s that time of the year when all the men are thinking what do I get. What do I do? Should I ask the secretary or personal assistant to purchase that one gift that only I should be purchasing. Then the flip  side is she isn’t my mother so why should I purchase or acknowledge her in anyway.  I laugh at that thought, mainly I would have to say there isn’t a married woman that doesn’t think of herself as her husbands mom. Not literally, however if your married long enough there is at least one moment in time the person married to you has become your mom to help you succeed. That’s love.

If you don’t believe me here are some sample:

  1. You didn’t want to go to work and wanted to take a what I call a mental health day. You didn’t want you boss to know so you asked your wife to call work for you.
  2. You didn’t want to visit mom for a holiday, blamed the wife, kids or family. She heard you didn’t argue and carried the blame for you.
  3. You asked her not to do something, it reminds you of mom. Bad childhood memories.
  4. You asked her to massage your neck and shoulders after work. They hurt and your stressed out. You taught her exactly what you like stating that’s how mom did it.
  5. You like your cloths in a certain way or the laundry folded a certain way. She does it why? It pleases you.  Why? That’s how mom did it.
  6. She makes certain recipes that are just like mom made. However, she never makes it good enough. You just don’t want to be married to mom.
  7. The coffee in the morning has to be a certain brand. Breakfast placed a certain way. That’s just what you grew up with.
  8. You don’t want her or anyone else to know how much the smells of childhood bring back memories you love. This might be mom.
Therefore, this year as I was thinking what to purchase my own mother I went on a hunt for the scent of my youth. I would smell her frangrence when I was a child. Not a hug or a touch just when she walked by. I would think that’s mom. I walked into the fragrance department and thought. How lovely it smelled. Like flowers, feminist, style and elegance. It was definitely a day for men to be shopping for all the sales people smelled of fragrance from spraying it all day. 

I thought to myself. Do my own children remember my frangrence? Does my husband? Now my ex. If he does this is the time for me to use it. Just joking. I enjoy the thought that when you plan weddings one of the most thought about moments is what will the frangrence be. If too strong it will overwhelm the guest if too little it will go unnoticed. Therefore, I say to all husbands, sons, lovers, boyfriends purchase your girl a fragrance that will forever remind you of each other. For there is one thing we know in the world, love saves. Even if you din’t have the best wife, mother or lover, the frangrence will serve as an alarm and you can rung. Just joking! It really is a way of showing how much you care.

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